Gun Protected Troubleshooting Guide

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If the lock "chirps" when keys are pressed, but it is not going to open, the batteries may be drained to the point that they won't operate sufficient to lock the lock. Comply with the battery substitute procedure in this guide. For single battery keypads, the battery may not be making good contact with the keypad terminals. To enhance battery contact, remove the battery tray and bend down the thin metallic contact tabs located inside the battery tray compartment at the top. Then substitute the battery tray and enter your code a number of times until lock begins to lock. For D-Drive locks try the following: 1. Open the door all of the best way and lengthen the bolts. 2. Slide the keypad housing away from the door (much like altering the batteries). 3. Find the spindle plate that rests in opposition to the secure door, straight behind the keypad. 4. There are two ears (suggestions) on the plate that are positioned between 12 and 2 o'clock. Verify the door is open all of the way in which and the bolts are prolonged to their locked position. Slide the 2 ears counterclockwise to the 12 o'clock place. The lock should click on and chirp once. Attempt the handle, it must be locked.